Reflections – 2013.06

A Poet’s Reflections on Mercy – June 2013

As a pastor, it is always very encouraging to me to hear how the Lord is working in your life and particularly if He has used a phrase or Scripture passage or thought from the sermon to help comfort or convict or bless you in some way.  These sorts of conversations encourage me that I am on the right track.  One of the unique aspects of the pastor’s work is that it is not particularly goal or objective-driven.  As I read the Scriptures, it seems clear that my “boss” cares most about mercy and faithfulness and pointing people to Christ … and less about my “sacrifices” (i.e., religious works) for him or my striving after some sort of business-like church objective.  So I like when I get a sense that He is doing something, and that He is using me in some small (or large) way.  And that is why it was thrilling to me when Faith Loftus presented me with a mercy poem this last Sunday evening.  Poetry requires reflection, and time, and effort … I want to share her poem with you, that you might be encouraged too:


I was blind,
I could not see,
No one wanted to help me,
But you showed your mercy.

I needed food,
And when people didn’t share,
You cared,
And showed your mercy.

I was naked and bare,
And while people stared,
You clothed me,
And showed your mercy.

I was an outcast and unclean,
And when people passed,
They were mean,
But you showed your mercy.

My life was not meant to be,
Still you showed your mercy.