Reflections – 2014.02

Going Bach to the Basics of the Faith: Holding Fast to Jesus – February 2014

Every other month or so, I head down to Baltimore with the family to a free concert dubbed “Bach in Baltimore.”  If you like classical music or are trying to like it or would like to enforce the liking of it in your children, this is an enjoyableSunday afternoon activity.   The concert consists of some Bach pieces performed by professional musicians and then a performance by an amateur choir from somewhere in the Baltimore area.  There is some singing in the Bach pieces and all of it is in German, so a translation is given in the bulletin.  Bach was a follower of Christ and the words below from Cantata 124, the piece that was performed the last time we were there, remind me of the assessment of the faith of Hezekiah, the King of Judah. The Scripture says, “He trusted in the Lord … for he held fast to the Lord.”  Bach’s words, “I will not let go of my Jesus”, “I cling to Him like a burr”, inspire me to do the same and to be in that line of believers like Hezekiah and Bach who cling, hold fast, refuse to let go of their Lord in whatever circumstances they find themselves.  I hope you will be blessed by these words as I have been:

I will not let go of my Jesus,
since He has given Himself to me,
my duty demands therefore
that I cling to Him like a burr.
He is the light of my life,
I will not let go of my Jesus.

As long as a drop of blood
stirs in heart and vein,
so shall Jesus alone
be my life and my everything.
My Jesus, who has done such great things for me:
I can offer nothing other than my body and life as a gift to Him.

And when the harsh blow of death
weakens my senses and stirs my limbs,
when the days abhorred by flesh bring only fear and terror with them,
yet my confidence assures itself:
I will not let go of my Jesus.

Yet alas!
What heavy hardship does the soul still endure here?
Will not the sorely plagued breast become a wilderness and pit of martyrdom
along with Jesus’ most painful loss?
But my spirit looks up faithfully and to the place where faith and hope are resplendent,
where, after my completed course,
I shall embrace You, Jesus, eternally.

Withdraw yourself hurriedly, my heart, from the world,
you will find in heaven your true delight.
When you eye beholds your Savior in the future,
then at last your longing heart will be revived,
then it will be brought to rest in Jesus.

I will not let go of my Jesus,
I will walk beside Him forever;
Christ shall for ever and ever have me guided to the springs of life.
Blessed, whoever says with me:
I will not let go of my Jesus.