Who We Are…


A Worshipping Church, committed to the worship of God the Father Almighty, Jesus Christ His Only Son our Lord and the Holy Spirit.

A Praying Church, committed to praying for the world, the church, and each member.

We are not a small cluster of isolated believers.  We are connected to believers around the world and we care–so we pray for others and their needs.

A Disciple-Making Church, committed to a purposeful, well-developed discipleship strategy for its members that will help them grow as Christians.

A Reformed and Covenantal Church, committed to the grace-centered, Christ-centered teaching known as reformed theology and committed to  ministering to all generations of believers, from infant to elderly.

Whether you are young or old at our church, you are an important part of our body.  We are a church family.  We all need one another.

A Faith-Sharing Church, committed to being engaged with those who do not know Christ in their homes,  neighborhoods, and workplaces, and  committed to learning how to share our faith in word and deed, whether to friend or stranger.

A Missions Church, committed to the work of world missions.

A Merciful Church, committed to being engaged in the local community of Aberdeen, primarily through mercy ministries.

We care about our neighbors and actively support ministries in our local area like Alpha’s Glory Crisis Pregnancy Center and Harford Family House, a ministry which helps homeless families find homes.

A Presbyterian Church, committed to the Biblical idea of churches being led by several elders rather than one pastor, and the Biblical idea of being connected to other churches for the purposes of accountability and ministry.