2016 PCA General Assembly Audio

Day 1 Seminars

Tim Geiger – Sexual Confusion In The Church

Ron Tobias – Becoming A Church-Planting Church

Drake Bassett – Whole Child Initiative

Douglas Kittredge/David Zadock – Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

Charlie Rodriguez/Panel – Statism In The Church And Speaking to State and Culture

Sean Lucas – For A Continuing Church – Lessons Learned

Derek Thomas/Stephen Nichols – The Word Make Flesh: The Ligonier Statement on Christology

Corey Jackson – Planting And Pastoring A Multi-Cultural Church

Stan Gale – Forgiveness: Discovering The Healing Power of the Gospel

Leon Brown – Liturgy: It’s Relation To The Negro

Pat Hatch/Panel – Advancing The Gospel In A Changing North America

Stephen Estock – Recovering The Biblical Office Of Elder

Karen Hodge – Expectations And Illusions: Bursting The Bubble for Leadership Wives

Kerry Mallory – Finding Financial Freedom With A Budget

James Coffield – The Difficulties Of Dealing With Difficult People: Enhancing Basic Counseling Skills

Lloyd Kim – The Inevitable Future Of The Global Church

Douglas Lee – Small Churchs: Large Community Blessings

Larry Gilpin – When Your Long-Term Pastor Leaves

Al LaCour – Welcome The Nations!

Barry Cureton – Please Help! My Son Is Gay!

Duke Kwon – What Is Racism

Ted Powers/Jim Hatch – Who Can Plant A Church?

Harry Reeder – The Pulpit And Public Theology

Jason Helopoulos – Teaching Family Worship In The Local Church

Chip Sweeney/Bryan White – Radical Love, Embracing Diversity

Peter Lillback/David Nammo – The PCA And Persecution: Not If, But When— Are You Prepared?

Lee Truax – Why Go To Work?


Day 2 Seminars

Brian Cosby – Uncensored: Daring To Embrace The Entire Bible

Stephen Estock – Transformational Discipleship

Roy Taylor – GA For Rookies

Jemar Tisby – Divided By Faith

Randy Pope – Making Sessions Meetings The Best Night Of the Month, or How the Session is Supposed to Work!

Gary Yagel/Dave Enslow – Overcoming Male Isolation

Ligon Duncan – Trends In Theological Education

David Anderegg – Creating A Call Package Worth Opening

Allan Edwards/Tim Geiger/David Strain – Sexual Brokenness in a Fallen World

Kathy Stair – Women Of International Impact

Day 3 Seminars

George Robertson/John Storck – Gospel Ministry

Rod Mays – Is A Fellows Program Right For Your Church?

Stephen Estock – Maximizing Your Ministry Staff

Ed Dunnington – Help! Looking For The “Affordable” In The “Affordable Care Act”

David Strain – Evangelistic Preaching

Bill Davis – A Working Discussion On Biblical Principle: Guiding Financial Commitments for End of Life Medical Care

Duke Kwon/Panel – Ministry In Changing Neighborhoods

Ligon Duncan/Sean Lucas – A Personal Journey

Sue Jakes/Britney Griffith